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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jean & rich's aftershoot session - panama city, panama

May 12, 2009

jean & rich's aftershoot session - panama city, panama

commentator: ed

jean & rich are such an adorable and fun-loving couple. i knew immediately once i met them that they would be a blast to work with and each time i have, it's definitely been one fantastic time. after celebrating their wedding this past september, they returned back to the country that rich calls home: panama.

for their aftershoot, we traveled to some awesome sites towards the keys near andandor to get the panama city backdrop. but what got me realy excited was the viejo ruins located in the old panama. talk about a goldmine for photos. i really loved it there until some really heavy storm clouds came in with loud thunder. well, let me take that back... i like the storm clouds, minus the storm. =)

thanks so much for showing me such a wonderful time in panama, jean & rich! may you both enjoy plenty of more happy occasions in this beautiful country. =)

//ed pingol
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an awesome church in the viejo ruins

time lapse

this place is SO awesome!!!

a gorgeous and dramatic sky...

one of my favorite shots right before the storm

bridge view

city tropics

enjoying a view of the city

here's a shot of the actual panama city... simply beautiful


Blogger metrophoto said...

wow! panama guys, awesome awesome location and shots =) congratulations.

did you try and see the pamana canal? hehehe

Anonymous ed said...

yeah, we saw it on a different day though. very impressive considering it was built in the early 1920's. the street food was better than expected... very tasty and very cheap.


Anonymous Ana Gabriela said...

Ohhhh! I'm sooo glad you came to my country... But sad I didn't get to know you :(


Blogger maritessb said...

beautiful city. i love the ruins!


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