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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: maritess and edwin's aftershoot session - oahu, hawaii - la'ie lookout point

Apr 20, 2009

maritess and edwin's aftershoot session - oahu, hawaii - la'ie lookout point

commentator: ed

can you say AWESOME!?!?! these two picked the best day to shoot because the hawaii skies came out to play. maritess and edwin met us while we were on the island not only for an aftershoot session but to actually enjoy themselves and to celebrate their love for one another. awwwww.... yes, it was their very first anniversary.

ed and tess, you guys are awesome for giving us some leonard's bakery goodness. happy anniversary!

//ed pingol
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a beautiful couple at the beautiful la'ie point

after a year, still just as in love as their wedding day

his pretty wahine

tess' solo

enjoying the view

a special thanks to all of you who voted for us in kcra 3's a-list "photographer of the year" contest. we should be finding out the results by the end of the upcoming week!



Blogger maritessb said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger George Natis said...

Awesome. Those skies and everything else is done extraordinary. You rocked once again (and I realize that I need an assistant to hold my light on a stick urgently :D )

Blogger maritessb said...

MAHALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS PHOTOS! I can't wait to show them off!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much AGAIN, Ed and Monica.. We had a great time during the aftershoot.. And as the wife said... MAHALO!!!


Anonymous Larry Reeves said...

Love these! Great work ed!

Blogger Bumatay said...

Gorgeous couple and the skies are insane! Dude you inspire me like no other.

Anonymous Clement Lee said...

The first shots are amazing, finally get to see it !!!!


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