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Apr 17, 2009

vote for us: kcra 3 a-list "photographer of the year!"

***this post will remain at the top of the blog through the duration of the voting period until 04.17.09. please see new posts below. thanks!***

you all are so awesome! we're in the running once again for the "photographer of the year" award in 2009 awarded by kcra 3's a-list in the sacramento region. due to your overwhelming and much appreciated support and votes, we finished with an honorable 2nd place in our first time in the contest. please take a moment to vote for us this year and spread the word, if you'd be so kind.

here's how:
1. click on the following link or the image below:

2. towards the top left, under our name "ed pingol photography," click on the yellow oval that reads "vote."
3. from there, you'll be prompted to enter your information. they promise not to spam you or sell your info.
3. pat yourself on the back and imagine our voices screaming "thank you!" at the top of our lungs. =)
4. forward this info to all of your friends/co-workers/family! feel free to copy and paste this entry or to send them the direct link to this entry:

a million gazillion thank you's to all of you!!!

//ed pingol
contact me =)


Anonymous James Sanders said...

You got our vote!
Lisa & James

Blogger Jess said...

Voted again for you guys! You deserve to be #1!!! Best of luck to you!

Jess and Jed Mckeon

Blogger efe said...

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Anonymous toronto wedding photographer said...

Your images are incredible, soooo good - almost unreal!
Very inspiring!


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