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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jennie & ryan's engagement session - murrieta's well - livermore, california

Mar 18, 2009

jennie & ryan's engagement session - murrieta's well - livermore, california

commentator: ed

for jennie and ryan's e-session, we went to murrieta's well where we were given free reign everywhere and anywhere in and around the winery - talk about AWESOME!!! this couple totally rocked their e-session by simply just letting go and being themselves during the shoot. we shot, we laughed and simply just had a great time. another plus was "bunny" who's nickname was given by me totally by accident because i'm an idiot. =) she was there to be our personal make-up artist keeping my couple looking HAWT throughout the session. =) larry and jon came out to help assist the pingol clan. thanks guys!!!

//ed pingol
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also, don't forget to vote for us in kcra 3's a-list "photographer of the year" contest. you can do so by clicking on the following link or the image below:
the contest runs through april 18th, 2009.

muchas gracias!


Blogger Scott Andrew said...

what an awesome set ed. i love the shots in the vineyard, the light looks awesome, you're a master. keep up the awesome.

Anonymous Jennie Durkin said...

Words cannot even express how much I love these photos! You are amazing!! :)

Blogger Submit said...

Ed you rock the house again with your stellar photographs! You really captured the "spirit" of Jennie and Ryan's romance... (ha, ha?!?!?!)
Also, I voted for you in kcra 3's a-list "photographer of the year" contest... Even though I am from Florida... hope it counts!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Anonymous Natasha said...


Blogger Erin Harvey said...

These shots are so great! The winery looked like an amazing place to shoot. The jerseys were hilarious too. =)


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