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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: catherine & stenly's wedding - peoples church - copper river country club - fresno, california

Mar 5, 2009

catherine & stenly's wedding - peoples church - copper river country club - fresno, california

commentator: ed

to start off the new wedding season, i had the opportunity to be the assistant photographer to my good friend and awesome seattle-based photographer, erwin wijanto. you may remember catherine & stenly from the engagement session i helped erwin photograph last year in san francisco. (the two are so adorable, they sent me a personalized door hanger for my home office that reads "editing in progress" after their e-session. i use it a lot!)

despite the rain that had been showering the west coast all week, their wedding day ending up having beautiful, clear weather. they were wed at peoples church in fresno and held their reception at the copper river country club, which has gorgeous spanish-style architecture.

thanks so much for allowing me to shoot with you, erwin. as always, it's a blast to work with you! and congratulations on your marriage, cat & sten!

//ed pingol
contact me =)

also, don't forget to vote for us in kcra 3's a-list "photographer of the year" contest. you can do so by clicking on the following link or the image below:

muchas gracias!


Anonymous Mark Sue said...

Holy Cow!

A GREAT start with the wedding season. Very inspirational stuff. Please post more!

Anonymous Lynn Jaksa said...

love love that first image! And the fun all the girls are having - so great! I *heart* your posts!

Blogger nLighten Images said...

Ed, you rock man. People's Church? Wow, I haven't heard that name in a while. I use to live right across the street.

OpenID johnencinas said...

Awesome Ed! Great job as always.

Anonymous D.J. Ellis said...

Dude, you were right in my neighborhood. FRES-yes! Great work. Remember me? I'm that blogstalker that chatted it up with you at WPPI (Radiopopper booth). Take care.

Anonymous ErwinWijanto said...

Ed.. It was a pleasure having you and Monica at the wedding.. It was FUN having you both around.. and Thank you again for all your assistance...
YOU ROCK !!!.. I love the First Image.. Its going to be somewhere huge on their album !! :)

Blogger maritessb said...

you guys get another beautiful praise from me. LOVE IT!

Anonymous Pascal said...

Great rocking start for the season Ed!

Blogger catherine said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger catherine said...

ED! (and Monica!) Those were some beautiful pictures!!! I love it… You and Erwin both have your own way to take and create awesome images! Gosh… we are SO LUCKY and BLESSED to have you guys to capture our wedding. I think the video you have of us (though I am embarrassed now that I talked so loud during the cam-cording) says it all.

All the best :D Cat and Sten.

PS: We’re (saving up) and hoping to have Erwin photograph Cat and Sten Wedding part II in Indonesia next year, maybe March 2010. I hope you guys can somehow be there too :D hee hee

I just saw that you guys are going to be in Oahu. Have fun in Hawaii!

Blogger Copeland Photography said...

Truly a great wedding Ed!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

where are these photos taken, im looking for a place for my wedding and reception is fresno? where is the gorgeous stair picture and is that people's church?
thank you... and great photos


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