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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: denise & benjo's engagement session - lake merritt - middle harbor shoreline park - oakland, california

Mar 25, 2009

denise & benjo's engagement session - lake merritt - middle harbor shoreline park - oakland, california

commentator: ed

denise & benjo are high school sweethearts in the east bay is where they grew up and fell in love. when we met up with them during our consultation meeting, the topic of elementary schools came up and whadayaknow, denise and monica (my wife) discovered they were kindergarten classmates. go giraffes! =)

although the weather was a little dicey that day, we enjoyed some awesome weather with this adorable twosome. we met up in front of children's fairlyland in lake merritt before heading out to middle harbor shoreline park in oakland. the drive between the spots, we experienced some rain but at each location, the sky was phenomenol. storm clouds are the best!

congratulations on your engagement, denise & benjo! can't wait for your wedding in august!

special thanks to steve, brian and stephanie for coming out to assist!

//ed pingol
contact me =)

also, don't forget to vote for us in kcra 3's a-list "photographer of the year" contest. you can do so by clicking on the following link or the image below:
the contest runs through april 18th, 2009.

muchas gracias!


Blogger Steven T Arnettski said...

Denise and Benjo, you guys were a blast to work with. Ed, thanks for the chance to watch you work!

(And just a heads up, the link to me is goofed up.)


Blogger Huckleberry Karen said...

What a cute couple - I'm doing their flowers so we have another wedding together!! Hi to mama bear for me!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photos are awesome! We can't wait to see all of them. =)

Denise & Benjo

Blogger Brian said...

These are so money! Mad props to Denise & Benjo for being such awesome models..yeah I said it..MODELS! Congrats on your engagement and best of luck with the wedding!

Blogger nLighten Images said...

Ed, Ed, Ed...Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully see you on 4.5.


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