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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: cara & brian's engagement session video - exclusive behind-the-scenes video by mellange studio

Apr 14, 2009

cara & brian's engagement session video - exclusive behind-the-scenes video by mellange studio

commentator: ed

last summer, we were very fortunate to have peter eugenio of mellange studio, an awesome san francisco bay area video production company, provide video coverage of our engagement session with cara & brian who were wed last fall. we're so thrilled with the results and are ever so grateful for the efforts in producing this behind-the-scenes video of ed pingol photography. thank you so very much!!!

but wait... there's more! please don't forget to vote for us in kcra 3's a-list "photographer of the year" contest. the countdown is ticking and we only have the slightest lead in 1st place. we need your help! you can vote by clicking on the following link or the image below:
the contest runs through april 17th, 2009 'til midnight.


//ed pingol
contact me =)


Anonymous Kevin Lam said...

Love seeing you guys work behind the scenes.

Anonymous janet jade said...

i love this vimeo.

it was a nice treat to get to catch a glympse at the "behind the scenes" action. watching this video almost made me feel as if i was there! mellange did an amazing job at capturing what Ed Pingol Photography seems to be all about- it was fun, upbeat, and most of all, professional. all of your couples always look so natural in your photos, & this video seems to have proved just that. i absolutely adored it! give us more, please =)

btw, since your work never ceases to amaze me..
i signed up & voted for you guys on KCRA3-
best of luck!

Anonymous Ivan Lesko said...

They're an adorable couple. Can't wait to see what their wedding turns out like :)

Blogger nLighten Images said...

I can't see it now at work but were you doing the "Pretty eyes" thang?

Anonymous Tony R. said...

Video . . . it makes stalking Ed Pingol even more fun! YES!!!! Nice production Ed/Monica. Looks like the couple are genuinely having fun on the shoot.

Blogger Brian said...

Dude, AWESOME! Every engagement session should have a video like this holy smokes! I found myself smiling throughout the entire thing. Great job.

Blogger maritessb said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! totally amazed by their work.


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