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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: OSPW-2 = fun and tiring... IT WAS GREAT!

Feb 18, 2008

OSPW-2 = fun and tiring... IT WAS GREAT!

commentator: monica

open source photo is an online photography community we belong to. it's been a wealth of information and we've learned a lot from our fellow forum members. when we heard about the 2nd annual osp west "networking weekend," we jumped at the chance to finally meet up with our online colleagues in person. plus, who could pass up spending a weekend in napa, photographing at some gorgeous locations?

after meeting up at embassy suites, saturday morning was spent at trefethan winery, where we were assigned for a "fashion shoot" with several models. we worked with daniel and jennifer, who were awesome! meanwhile, lisa & paul, one of our wedding couples from last september who were kind enough to volunteer at another shoot going on with the "wedding shoot" group. we were able to catch up with them later that evening for a night shoot in downtown napa. there, we also got a chance to shoot pre-engagement photos for a couple that really isn't... or are they...? =)
thanks, conrad & iza!

//ed pingol



lisa & paul

conrad & iza


Anonymous conrad lim said...

hahahaha..remember we are just pretending =b..thanks for taking it ed and monica!!!


Anonymous ErwinWijanto said...

Ed, Monica, and Lola :)
Thanks for everything guys.. thanks for having me to stay at your beautiful house.. I appreciated a lot.

The pictures is TOtally ROCKS!!! Love pic 4,5,6,&7 Can't wait to meet you guys again at WPPI, and hopefully in Hawaii :)

To Conrad: Whatss uppppp man :) That's was a cool shot of you guys, R u sure u just pretending :) ~erwin

Anonymous Tana H said...

These are great. Ed is rockin' the sun flare!

Sooooooo glad to finally meet you.

Blogger Jeanette Sanchez said...

Yup, you rock that sun flare shot! Awesome pics Ed.

Blogger Bellissima Vita said...

Beautiful as always!

Anonymous Chris Stewart said...

Dude Ed I want to shoot with you sometime. Your work is so good and you captured my bro Daniel very well.

Anonymous Conrad Lim said...

Hey thanks for the won't be going maybe next year..You guys take care..


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