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Feb 21, 2008

OSPW2 - behind the scenes

commentator: ed

ok. most of the images we show are of our clients and never really show you "us". well, this
particular post will have "us" and our photog friends all over it. you'll get a chance to see how we really are... DORKY. =)

over the weekend, erwin wijanto, awesome seattle-based photographer and stand-up guy, stayed at our place to attend osp2w. tons of fun, plus more photos of us! =)

//ed pingol

monica and i being dorky, doing jumps and simply just having fun at cornerstone garden in sonoma

this is our friend erwin... (sorry dude, i just had to post this picture up)

a group of us doing an interpretive dance pose in front of artesa winery in napa, as part of our photo scavenger hunt on saturday afternoon

i specialize in super unflattering angled portraitures of friends and family
(i do this so i know what NOT to do)

a little group photo on the last day of ospw2

this is erwin again... nice one dude. nice... lunch at sushi-yu in american canyon.

monica and i had a little e-session. thanks erwin!


Blogger Lisa said...

i 'heart' you two!

Blogger Teana said...

awww! a mini-e session! does this make up a little for not having your own pictures? lol. i bet robe's class would appreciate those!

Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Dang it .... hahaha
I have to find some funny pics of you guys and put those stuff on my blog LOL .. haha, It's all good man.. FUN FUN FUN.... You guys were awesome... Can't wait for VEGAS.. I bet it will be more fun and crazier :) ~erwin

Blogger Jeanette Sanchez said...

Looks like so much fun, these are some silly pics...thanks for posting them up Ed!

Blogger Nudrat Shams Owens said...

Very very cute! You guys are too cute! It was nice meeting you all :)

Anonymous Ham of DavidHam Photography said...

It was great meeting the both of you at OSPW2, not only are the both of you talented photographers, you two are so much fun to hang out with. Let me know if you ever need a 2nd err 3rd shooter...

Blogger Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Man I love your work and love comming here to see the place you go that are so familiar to me. Always makes me homesick!! Thanks for sharing the fun


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