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Oct 24, 2007

rolend rose - a grad session

commentator: monica

rolend rose is an aspiring fashion designer. having known her since she was two, i can definitely attest to this. she always stood out as a sore thumb, a head above the rest of the little snotty-nosed runts in scuffed pants and wrong-footed shoes (hi, norm!), and was little miss posh, always in a cute dress, faux fur jacket, tights, shoes, purse, and matching headband. and now, she's graduating from college! (yes, i feel aged, as i write this.)

as photogenic as she is, she swears she's camera-phobic. she was the ideal client, down to do pretty much whatever we asked of her. we decided to shoot in our backyard, on mare island, the former naval shipyard. we've been dying to shoot here since there's some cool industrial locations that are pretty much deserted. it's like a photographer's disneyland...

congratulations, babes! can't wait to see your fashion show and see you walk the line this december!

//ed pingol

ms. rolend (a.k.a. miss legs for daaaaaaaaays!)

the happy grad

struttin' her stuff

against the wall


Anonymous Rolend said...

oOoOoweEe i never thought that i could ever look that flawless.. Except for that stupid hat hahah (its the wrong way babes!!!) =) Thank you so much ate and kuya!!! man i look up to you guys.. hopefully one day i meet my soul mate and make a dope business like you two.. love you both


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