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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: donna and andrew's wedding

Nov 13, 2007

donna and andrew's wedding

commentator: monica

donna & andrew had an awesome and very touching wedding. unphased by the rain, which is said to be very good luck on your wedding day, they were showered with lots of love and laughter, along with their family and closest friends.

the beautiful couple and their bridal party got ready at the courtyard marriott in vallejo. eddie and i were met with a bustling group of ladies, gents, and kiddies who were already dressed! we knew from the start of our day that this was going to be one great group of folks since half the time, people aren't where they're supposed to be and usually no one is dressed that early. while donna beautified, drew's groomsmen brought over a surprise video clip for the bride, which brought her to tears, almost ruining all the make-up already done. luckily, her team of stylists are very talented. and of course, donna herself, would know what to do, as she herself is a make-up artist and hairstylist from superimage salon in benicia.

as the guys headed to st. basil's, we were able to photograph donna and all her gorgeous bridesmaids at the hotel lobby. afterwards, we caught up with the guys for their photos, just before the catholic ceremony.

by the end of the ceremony, the rain had started to pour down but this couldn't stop all the festivities to happen at the delta breeze club on travis airforce base. donna & drew threw one big party, complete with an ice sculpture, photoworks interactive photo booth, live band, dj provided by non stop boogie productions, hula dancers, and rap artists. video coverage was provided by event-focused. as much as the entertainment was lively and enjoyable, the words exchanged and the family traditions didn't fall short of emotional and tear-filled.

congratulations, donna & drew! your hard work paid off and we hope you were able to enjoy your day as much as we and the rest of your guests did. =)

//ed pingol

donna made one lovely bride

the details

the dress

drew's surprise video

the bouquet

more details & great make-up, by the talented artists of parallel universe.

the groom

the adorable bunch of kids! those are butterflies that the boys are carrying which were to be released at the end of the ceremony. however, the thoughtful couple decided to wait until warmer weather so that their butterflies wouldn't be harmed in the rain.

legs, legs, and more legs...

grown men (and boys, too)

the wedding ceremony

more of the ceremony and afterwards

the reception venue

the stunning cake, designed and created by the talented leilani,
featured in the bottom left photo

the toasts. check out the guys' personalized goblets!

not sure who cried more, donna with her dad or drew with his mom. =)


the awesome, awesome, awesome band that we can't stop talking about, blackmale

the tahitian dancers!

drew's very own performance, along with fellow artists of go bigg music group

tons of dancing through the night!


commentator: ed

this wedding was fun and very emotional. lots of surprises and plenty of entertainment for the guest. monica and i had a great time shooting donna and andrew's wedding.


Anonymous Kate Mefford from Juxtapose said...

WOW. That first image is a STUNNER! Nice work, guys! I love the coverage of the much fun!

Anonymous Alex D. said...

WHA! I knew you guys were good, but I didn't expect your images to be this good. You guys were work'n it!

Keep up the GREAT work!

Blogger Stefanie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Stefanie said...

Great job on the photos! I love the first picture of donna. I cant wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Anonymous Chara said...

Wonderful photography. You captured drew and donna's moment's beautifully.

Blogger liezel_lago said...

All posing joke aside, Ed you have such an eye for beauty but it's no surprise because you have a jewel like Monica. Thank you for capturing beautiful memories from Andrew and Donna's wedding. Your duo will make this business succeed and prosper. Take care and always looking forward to you two around.

Anonymous michi said...

awsome pictures! I can't wait to see the rest. Your photos captured their event to a "T". I especially love the image of Donna in her dress....breath-taking!!

Anonymous Donna "Bride" said...

Hi Ed-Moni!

It's me the BRIDE, Donna! I know I'm sorry it's like 7-months after the wedding to leave a comment hehehe.

I love looking at your work. I especially like going back to look at our wedding pics on ur website like a stalker hehehe! U guys are the best.

Photographer was priority to us while planning. Booking U was the best decision we made. Looking back at pictures takes me back 2 that day & I smile. It reminds me of how loved we felt that day from family & friends who pulled together to make it happen. Your still-pictures tells a story without words. PRICELESS!

Sorry for the long commentary, I just want everyone to know that whoever decides to book U...Just know Ed & Monica will not disappoint U.

With Love,


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