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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: liana and henry's e-session

Nov 5, 2007

liana and henry's e-session

commentator: monica

liana & henry not only love each other but they also heart sf. henry is a true san franciscan, born and raised in the city, while liana lives not too far away and currently works for the city. for their engagement session, they wanted "trendy, yet classic" san francisco, so they chose the embarcadero, where we were able to roam around the ferry building just before all the stores opened. we headed to one of the piers along the waterfront, where we ended up seeing another photographer with another couple, which caused both couples to stare in disbelief at one another. (see "behind the scenes" below.)

afterwards, we headed on to ride an old-fashioned "f-train" towards the the hub of all shopping, union square. this was all too fitting, since this lovely couple met at macy's in college, while they were both employees. of course, we made sure to get a good view of the macy's sign in their photos.

congratulations on your engagement, liana & henry! can't wait 'til your sf wedding next june!

//ed pingol

"love and the city"

view of the underrated bay bridge

we had to get a photo of the no. 28 since this is their wedding date.

sneaking a little kiss, along the pier

outside the ferry building

she's his lucky charm!


commentator: ed
you never know what can happen in san francisco. while we were shooting at this rather popular pier, there was another couple who were also getting their engagement photos done. this is pretty usual for monica and me to see other couples and photographers as we tend to gravitate towards the same pretty places. however, the funny thing was, the couple that was getting their pictures taken had on the same exact outfit (almost to the "T") - it was hilarious. below is liana and henry's reaction. LOL!!! don't worry, you both looked way better in your fit than they did!
and while we were shooting outside of macy's, a man and his baby got in one of our photos. why? we don't know but it was pretty funny. must be a proud papa!


Blogger lianamanuel said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger lianamanuel said...

Ed and Monica!!! OMG!!!!! You guys are so awesome!!! Henry and I were floored when we saw our pictures!

I cannot wait until you guys take our wedding pictures!! yay!!


Blogger Bumatay said...

Exquisite lighting, as always. You two rock! I'm emailing you about your lighting gear...

Anonymous AleksPhotography said...

Hi Ed!

Today I find your blog, acutely I find link at Frendmiranda wdding forum. I must say that I navigate your complet blog site and my answer is just Your Images rocks, they are absolute awesome!!!

Thank you
Best regards

Blogger Teana said...

i love how bright and vibrant your colors are. that's always a favorite quality. :)

Anonymous Anderson Nascimento said...

how many photos you make in a marriage?

Blogger Tesszilla said...

wow. these are great! you two are awesome as always.

Anonymous :: Louis Palos :: said...

You guys ROCK your engagement sessions. Seriously these are some of the best.


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