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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: eye eighty photoshoot teasers

Nov 21, 2007

eye eighty photoshoot teasers

commentator: ed

Eye Eighty is local (Bay Area, California) talent that Monica and I had the pleasure to shoot at Mare Island. This talented performers focuses on smooth R&B harmonies backed with live music. Yes, ya'll... LIVE music. Please take some time to check them out.

They also have a myspace page which has some snippets of their music... one of my favorite jam of theirs while "chill'n" before performing at Ms. Teen Filipina Pageant can be found here in YouTube. ENJOY!!!

//ed pingol

mare island is a great place to shoot... there's just too many backdrops to choose from

yet another angle from an alley way. the colors we found are just awesome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible. BTW, if you don't mind ... what kind of lens and settings did you use for these shots?

Blogger MKenoly said...

Ed, these are awesome! Man, shooting on Mare Island is the bomb! That's where we shot TOPKAT's first video. . . Great work!

Anonymous abraham said...

cool use of back-lighting on that last one!

Blogger ed pingol said...

thanks for the comments guys...

the lens i used for these shots is the mighty 10-22mm ef-s lens from canon. as far as settings though... kinda hard to explain because all of the settings differ from place to place.

hope that helps!!!



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