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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jaylyn and marks's engagement session - san francisco

Nov 14, 2007

jaylyn and marks's engagement session - san francisco

commentator: monica

"the bride that connects" jaylyn and mark is the bay bridge. he hails from the east bay and she's from sf/daly city. and now they're joined at the foot of the bridge in emeryville. they aspire to have a san francisco bay area theme to their wedding so we had to include the bridge in their engagement photos.

fearing the rain that poured down the previous day, the couple was prepared for any type of weather. (you should have seen the well-packed duffel bag they brought. =) fortunately, we had the clearest of blue skies and crisp air. since they love sf so much, we decided to meet up at "cupid's span," also know as the "bow-and-arrow" on the embarcadero, where eddie had the opportunity to fulfill a long-awaited goal of a particular shot.

we walked down pier 14 for more great shots of the bridge, which we were lucky enough to have almost exclusively to ourselves, though unfortunately, this was due to the recent oil spill which currently bans fishing off this popular pier.

afterwards, we headed over to at&t park, which of course meant that this gorgeous couple had to sport their sf teams' gear. it was a great way to end the morning and with hungry appetites, we gorged on southern food at hard knox cafe, courtesy of jaylyn & mark, which was only a couple of minutes away from the park.

congratulations, jaylyn & mark! we owe you sushi house!!!

//ed pingol

eddie's always wanted to shoot the bow-and-arrow by oldenburg and van bruggen like this...
he just couldn't find a guy that would let himuntil now. "thanks mark!!! you tha man!!!"

the bridge that "connects" them

"my only torres"

city love

the bride-to-be

cool lines at pier 14

playing footsies

the teams!

the giants' home field


commentator: ed
ok, so when monica and i find a little bit of time between ourselves, we tend to do stupid stuff in front of a camera. thank goodness jaylyn and mark came before it was my turn.
it totally would of been bad. = )


Blogger ashley & jeremy parsons said...

these are OFF THE CHARTS HOT!!!! Love them! so creative with the bow and arrow - seriously great stuff!

Blogger Teana said...

once a

i love the humor in that first pic! that's classic. but the series on the pier...HAWT.

and where is this cafe at? which way on third? how come i'm just now finding out about this?!

Anonymous ashley said...

Ed...that first one is great! laughing.gif

Anonymous sarah salyer said...

too adorable! I love it!

Anonymous Matt G said...


Anonymous FSJ_GUY said...

Heck, I love HER pose, even without everything else! Nice.

Anonymous Donya said...


Anonymous Natasha said...

Great shot! Love your wide angles on the blog


Anonymous Getson said...

What a fun looking couple! Great shots too. I love the look and the locations. Well done.

Anonymous bcap said...

Great photos!

I really like your attention to detail. The wide angles on the bridge are my favorites.

Anonymous Critsey said...


Anonymous Samantha Cover said...

wow! You just inspired me to try some new things with large've got some great images of the guys/the girls and everyone together!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jayln, it's Sheri...Girl these photos are B-E-A-Utiful. I love them and you are both a lovely couple and I truly with you both the very best in life.


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