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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: tis the season to be grateful

Dec 10, 2007

tis the season to be grateful

commentator: ed

with so many things to be grateful this year, i am most grateful to have family around me.

the past three years have been absolutely great... monica and i started our lives together in marriage after dating for 8 years and have "settled" in vallejo right between her family and mine. as most of you know, living in the bay area hasn't been exactly cheap, so even though our family is no longer than a 7 minute drive away in the same city, i rarely saw them because of work and my horrendous commute of 100+miles a day. to give you a better perspective as to how long that is, i would sit in my car for 3 hours per work day. that's about a straight month sitting inside the car in a year.

i complained, but the job paid well...

this past january, monica and i started this photography business which grew fast. fast to the point to where this "hobby" is now my full time job. yes, i am SO grateful to be given this opportunity to do what i love doing. to top it off, (even though it has only been less than a week) i can make time to see family anytime, any day. this has been priceless to me, and that is why i am OH SO GRATEFUL.

//ed pingol

most people take pictures in front of a christmas tree, we did too...
(tree is in gherrideli square)


Anonymous chet ball said...

Congrats!! I'm still waiting on the day I can say the same thing.

Anonymous brent williamson said...

I *pulmonary artery* your work Ed - way to go!

Anonymous johnny said...

Congrats Ed!

I've been full time for nearly 8 years now!
It is wonderful to be free.

Anonymous bryce york said...

Totally sweet ED! Congrats!

Anonymous j scott said...

Congrats Ed, I"m giving myself a year until I'm going to even consider it.

Anonymous carrie said...

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!


I'm full time as well!


Anonymous jeff youngren said...

Congrats, Ed! Now come down to San Diego and shoot a wedding with me smile.gif


Anonymous jason tench said...

Woot woot congrats man.

Anonymous lisa austin said...

Yayyy!! smile.gif

I'm full time, too. Can't imagine it any other way now.isa austin

Anonymous andrew schaefer said...


Anonymous dan deveau said...


I'm full-time also just recently and it's exciting to be free and work for yourself and think of ways to move forward...

All the best to you and your business!

Anonymous mark eric said...

Allright Ed! Congrats. With your skills, there is no reason you shouldn't be full time.

I look forward to shooting with you in Vegas

Anonymous louis palos said...

Congrats! Happy for you both, you guys have been working hard this year and it paid off.

Anonymous Michelle Pearson said...


Anonymous katie humphreys said...

Congrats!! A whole new world will open up! smile.gif Good for you!


Anonymous tim co. said...


-Tim Co. (Orlando, FL)
OSPW avi by Bill Cawley
New: (blog)

Anonymous Paige McAfee said...

Ed! Congratulations!!!!!!! I went full time in January last year. Hold on tight! It will be amazing what's in store for you...

Paige Elizabeth Photography

Anonymous Hannah Suh said...

Congratulations! I'll be making the jump to full time once I graduate from College this Spring. I can't wait!

Anonymous Peter Ncol said...

Congratulations Ed. Wish you every success for the future.

Anonymous Sofie Louca said...

Many congratulations! You and your camera will be permanently attached!!

Amorphia Photography

Anonymous Rodney Cool said...

CONGRATS!!! (I hope to do the same within a year or two.) Many, many blessings for the future!

Rodney Cool

Blogger Teana said...

you're full time now?! that's friggin AWESOME! congrats ed! i'm so happy for both you and mon!

now that means you can TOTALLY come to jamaica and shoot my wedding when it's my turn! lol

Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Ed.. Congrats ....
You deserved it !!! and good to know a fun photographer like u :)

Blogger Lisa D said...



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