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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: don't laugh... okay, you can laugh, cause i did

Feb 28, 2008

don't laugh... okay, you can laugh, cause i did

commentator: ed

so, during ospw2, one of my close photography buddy, erwin wijanto, flew over from seattle to hang out for the weekend. it was a shooting fest full of photographers in and around napa. definitely one of the funnest weekends thus far.

anyways, on the last day of ospw2, it was more of a chill and relax - do whatever you want to do day. since erwin has never been in napa before, we decided to show him around to make him jealous of what we have in our very own backyard. =) we visited v sattui, one of our favorite tasting spots AND drove to cornerstone garden, a place where jasmin and jerome had their engagement session done. by the way, if you haven't been to the cornerstone garden, you should definitely go and have a visit. make sure you bring a camera. =)

through out the whole time, we laughed and drank some wine... and the next thing you know, monica and i were having a mini engagement session. thanks E! we FINALLY have some cool images of us.

for those of you who don't know, monica and i barely have anything up on our walls... carzy, huh? i know! so, thanks erwin... because of you, we now have pics we can hang up around the house.

//ed pingol

go ahead, laugh... cause i did too.

i love you, monica (yeah, i know... i'm a big softy) go on, laugh it up.

our photographer! thanks erwin! you the man!

more awesome images from erwin


Anonymous Tana H said...

Oh my gosh - the ones in the tunnel are the best - ever!!! I need to go there - how did I possibly miss that spot? Too fun you guys!

Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Ed & Monica :)

Thanks for all the compliment :) Wait till you receive lots of Invoices on your front door LOL j.k :) You guys were awesome.. Thanks for the great time at NAPA !!!

Blogger Tesszilla said...

soooooooo cute you two!!!!

Blogger Jasmin said...

Those photos were great! The tunnel photo (touching both sides of the wall) seems to be easier when you're not wearing high heels and naturally taller. I loved the bead string shot too. It makes me remember how much fun it was running through those.

Blogger jennifer said...

ah you two are so cute! great pictures erwin!

Blogger Yolanda Cortez said...

You guys are SOOOOOOOOO much fun! I absolutely LOVE these pics of you! It's nice to see the talent being the subjects!

Blogger ws pang said...

Those photos are awesome !!!

Anonymous Jean said...

Awww you guys are just too cute!

Blogger Bumatay said...

You two look adorable! I'd love to do your session whenever you come down to SoCal. Or maybe in Vegas?

Blogger Jonilyn said...

You guys are so cute :)


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