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Mar 5, 2008

camping in hawaii... yeah, i'm camping

commentator: ed

so, in order for me to REALLY experience hawaii, i decided to camp out in MALAEKAHANA CAMPGROUNDS. why? because i want to experience the real hawaii, not just go to to the island and stay in a swanky hotel. plus, i'm sleeping beach side and i get to wake up to an awesome sunrise everyday. booyah!!!

//ed pingol

this is my tent... to the right is the beach. totally awesome!


Blogger Nely said...

Are you at Malaekahana? We used to go love it there! Lucky you!

Anonymous Erwin Wijanto said... I wish I can go with you... The ticket round trip from Sea to Hawaii only around $300 for this ... :) Nice Trip Ed.... ~erwin

Anonymous leslie said...

i totally agree with you about camping- i camped my way around the Big Island for $5 (or sometimes free)/night, and felt more special than if I was staying at a resort. The temperature was perfect, and having a beach at my feet was an awesome way to wake up. Enjoy your time there!

Blogger Nicholaus Haskins said...


Dude...first time I camped I froze my know.....get any sleep?

Blogger Jonilyn said...


Anonymous camping supplies said...

That is pretty sweet that you can travel around Hawaii and stay cheaply yet still have some fun.


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