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Mar 3, 2008

no, really, feel free to laugh! seriously...

commentator: monica

eddie often likes to take "unflattering photos" of friends and family, which includes me, of course. he says he does this because he learns how "not to shoot," which teaches him best how to shoot, kinda like the show, "what not to wear!" ("go stacy & clinton!") there have been times i've seen blog entries online only to yell at him, "you are not putting that up! take it down NOW!!!" sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't =) here's my chance for revenge!

i've been wanting to do this for awhile now. after several get-togethers and events with other photographers, there have been some photos of eddie that i've been wanting to blog about. now that he's on oahu (lucky buster!) for jonathan canlas' "film is not dead"workshop and has scant internet access this week, here's my chance. (cue evil laughter) bwahahahah!!! mwahahahaha!!!

here are the many faces of my dear hubby...

channeling his inner "fabio"

frog jumper pose or maybe "air board jumping."

the "cramped cheek" or the "wait, there's something stuck between my molars" smile. check out canon's "newest" pro camera. ha! (the name tag reads: "monica's my master." guess who wrote the word "my." )

demonstrating the slow motion "into my lover's arms across the beach" run. (he was demonstrating to a model how he wanted her to run. as some of you know, ed's much better at showing rather than telling.)

basking in the sun or ed's impersonation of our dog lola in the sun! (again, showing another model how he'd like for them to pose.)

//ed pingol


Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Great Job Monica... I have to find more crazy pic of ed LOL :)

Anonymous Stewart Randall said...

Hey Ed, I've been following you blog for a while now as I love your work. I'm always picking up new ideas and techniques. Thanks for the inspiration.

One question... the great "into my lover's arms across the beach" shot :-) LOL... I notice you have a bag on your hip. Which one is it? Boda?

Cheers Ed

Blogger Alan B. said...

Great post Monica. It's cool that you have so many shots of Ed doing his thing. Ironically, most photographers have very few pics of themselves...good or bad!

I've also got to search the archives here to see if you guys have posted about that Canon G9 before. I just got one myself and have been trying to get used to using it with the STE2 and off camera flash. I've not figured out the settings that work best just yet.

@Stewart... That's too funny. I was just wondering the same thing about the hip bag! Sure looks like a Boda!


Anonymous Tana Huffman said...

Oh, I love them Monica! Way to go girl! :)

Blogger Teana said...

you're the best monica! lol. i know ed will love this post. ha!

and after watching him in action, i have to agree that seeing him demonstrate the poses he wants is the best part of every shoot.

Blogger jennifer said...

ha!! he's away with limited internet access. sneaky wife!

Blogger Jonathan said...


Best post ever... I'd have to say that the "into my lover's arms" and "basking in the sun" poses are a tied for the best pose shot lol.

Anonymous vanessa sjc said...

hilarious!! love the last picture!

Anonymous DavidHam said...

Hahahahaha The many faces of Ed. The occasionally shot of Ed showing how to model is worth coming to visit your blog!


Blogger Jonilyn said...

hehe! great post! Poor Ed.. but then again, he's in Hawaii!!


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