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Mar 9, 2008

film is not dead workshop - day 3 - update

commentator: ed

as promised... more photos from john's workshop! woohoo!!! these images are pretty special to me because they are in a form called HDR (high dynamic range) images. they take a little bit more time to process but the results are something you don't normally see in wedding images.

//ed pingol

the totally awesome byodo-in temple in the background (located in hawaii) - HDR style

this image isn't HDR, but i still like it

just click on these little thumbnails to super size it!

and of course, a phooning group shot! yeah!


Blogger ws pang said...

The place is really gorgeous

Blogger I'm Natalie. said...

You crazy fool. Those shots are off the chart.

Anonymous Dave Wong said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun, Ed. Great images! Does this mean you're going back to film -- not! :-)

Blogger Jonilyn said...

I love the HDR images! That place is so cool.. I've been there before, long long time ago :)

Blogger Cody Buell said...

You're getting some sweet stuff with that wide angle!

Blogger Reed Photographic said...

Ok you know i totally want a copy of that shot!


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