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May 5, 2006

weddings, wedding and more weddings

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If you want to see a ton more photos, kindly just click on each individual thumbnails!!! =)
This gets updated frequently as we're now in full swing with the wedding season.

//ed pingol
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Blogger Steve said...

Wow, great stuff Ed! You really do it right!

Blogger Christophers Photography said...

Hey Ed! I became a fan of your work via the Ridio Poppers site. Just got me some of those bad boys and was wondering if you could tell me how you are shooting directly into the sun like you are and how your setting your exposure comp on your shots ? I have seen that you are doubled up on your flashes, is this what helps you get that exposure into the sun? Also, your detail shots are problably the best I have ever seen! Your clients should know they are very lucky to have a photographer that cares to take the time on the details as you do. Great work and any help you can give would be awesome, thanks!

Blogger marlyn said...

im your fan!!
thats awesome!
u really do a great work..(=

Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, your site is really cool!nice!

Blogger Unknown said...

It's my first time visiting your website and I totally fell in love with it.

You're definitely going to do my wedding =]

Blogger Lars said...

Your photographs are just gorgeous.

Blogger shelbeeray said...

Wow. I ended up here from a link on Deviant Art. Your work is absolutely incredible. Breathtaking. Makes me wish I was 20 years younger and getting married again...oooooooh and in Hawaii....maybe our 50th... on the beach...thank you for giving me something beautiful to dream about. Hmmm...I wonder if I can make the kids get married again...

Blogger Anne said...

I hate you, I love you, I hate you, I love you.... damn you. ;-) Awesome work Ed - way to make everyone else look like they suck. HA!! ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work! Love your style. From one photographer to another. / Lena in Sweden

Anonymous Anonymous said...

alright..... your my HERO! your stuff is the sh*@#!*..... need i say more... wait i do.. one question, will you be attending WPPI in Vegas in Febuary? if so, i would love to meet for dinks and pick your brain!

Blogger Hollis said...

your absolutly amazing breath taking!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your works are superb! I wish I could get a photographer as good as you on my wedding day. How much is your service fee by the way?

Blogger Topeng said...


i just stumbled here by accident. And I loved all the photos you've posted.. Everything is perfect!

-topeng / philippines

Anonymous Liz Guthrie said...

Hi Ed! You are clearly one of the most talented photographers I have come across. Truly AMAZING photos. The different lighting in the shots blows my mind. Fabulous, I love it! Would love to feature you as a Top wedding vendor on The Soup!!! ~Liz from

Anonymous toronto wedding photographer said...

Thanks to Chris Hanley from chrishanleyphotography- he gave me a link to your website and I love it! For me your site is discovery of the year!

Blogger Unknown said...


Blogger Hector Villablanca (FotoVillablanca) said...

What else can I say... They love you, They hate you, They want to take your brain, They want steal your creativity, They want you for their wedding... etc... etc...
Ed congratulations! Your pics make me think that I need to learn something new about wedding photography EVERY TIME that I shot a wedding event.
Hector Villablanca a.k.a. fotovillablanca

Blogger ProImage Weddings said...

Absolutely fabulous. You inspire!

Anonymous Alma Dominguez said...

Hi Ed,

This is alma dominguez, I just got engaged yesterday and i was wondering what your prices were for a wedding shoot? I'm getting married towards the end of July. Thanks!

Anonymous Alma Dominguez said...

by the way, my email is


Anonymous Joe White said...

Your pictures are...
I can't think of a word but I'm hearing The Beatles

Anonymous sean walsh said...

some photographers big note themselves, you just do beautiful photography, congratulations for perfecting your craft- I admire you

Anonymous anna andico said...

wow ed. you're pictures are so beautiful it makes me want to get married.

Anonymous sally said...

Just loking for pics of Hiddenbrooke on google and tapped in. I used to write for Bride's - and I have to say you have the best wedding photos I've ever had the pleaseure of encountering! These are the kind of pics you'd fight over during a divorce!

Blogger Niya said...

Beautiful shots!!

digital album designing company

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Pictures are amazing, you have an eye for detail. My daughter is getting married next year, and I know there is no way we could ever afford something like this for her. But I sure have enjoyed your pictures. They are breath taking. You can tell you enjoy your work. Connie

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.. the pictures are amazing! i'm at loss for words.. i'll be sure to give you a call when it's my day.. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an aspiring wedding photographer your photographs inspire me in the same way that I hope to inspire others. Your photographs have insane depth, irridescent colors and have the ability to create speechless viewers. You are my hero.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic. This is the kind of work I was looking for when I was about to get married and I never found anything that met my standards. It truly inspires me to take my photography to the next level

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the images , Great work !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, those are such beautiful pictures! the best i've ever seen!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed love your photography style!!

Anonymous Lyn said...

im soooooooo jealous IMA BE UP THERE IN 3 YEARS TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!!!! but im still jealous.. beautiful asss mofuckin picutures.... much much great gynormous gargiantuous props to you monica and Ed...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


your pictures were really magnificent!!!
i love your are so great!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

very, very good

Anonymous Fletcher said...

You suck. No - you're AWESOME.

I suck...

New to the gig - but inspired by your work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to know if you have relatives from Pampanga? My brother in law was Pingol too REYDANTE PIngol, do you know him?


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